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Scotty.....................Dogs Spread Rumors About Great Groomers

Welcome to Norma's Corner. We are a full service Dog Grooming Salon serving the Pepperell, Massachusetts area. We have been in operation since 1986 and have earned an excellent reputation as a reliable and safe Professional Dog Grooming Salon.

Over the many years of dog grooming in Pepperell, we have found shampoos, grooming products and techniques that work best for individual coat types and conditions. They are environmentally safe, and leave the coat with a lasting fresh clean scent without the added problem of allergic reactions associated with perfumes. For cleaning, we use the famous Hydrosurge© system which cleans and massages your pet, giving them a relaxing spa-like treatment.

Feel free to browse our web site. We strive to keep our clients informed of updates and announcements on the News Page.

Normas Corner is proud to announce the launching of their online shopping center.
While the site is still under construction, there are some items listed. More
items will be added, time permitting, after my commitment to my day job and the
priority of items in my "Honey Do List".

Check out our "Pet Products" on-line shopping center at
Normas Corner Online Shopping

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